MINistry of Online Awesome

MINistry of Online Awesome

Min's VIP Mastermind | taught by Min Giannini

Course description

Are you ready to transform your message, your mindset and your money? 

The MINistry of Online Awesome is my VIP Program and Mastermind. 

Get access to ALL the resources that I teach to my private one on one clients, at your own pace. 

In addition, we have one Training call AND one Masterminding call per month.

EVERYTHING is here that you will need to create a kick arse presence online, to create amazing content, to get yourself clear on your message and to get it out to the world.

The result?? SALES baby...this is the stuff that, when implemented will get you the sales.

AND the other thing is that this content will continue to grow. As I hear that someone needs to learn something, I will create it and add it in AND it will be ALL available at the one low monthly price.

In addition to these incredible resources there is a MONTHLY CALL where we meet as a Mastermind Group and discuss the things you need to get your specific business visible and making more and more sales.

AND there is a BONUS monthly TRAINING CALL on whatever relevant topic the group needs!

There is a Facebook Group to offer additional support where I will pop in daily to answer any questions you have. This is like having me working with you SPECIFICALLY on your business but at a fraction of the cost of working with me 1:1!

Sign up now - you have nothing to lose - you can opt out at any time!

Join for $75 per month, OR scroll down to pay one year up front for just $675

MINistry Of Online Awesome Call Dates

December 2018

Mastermind Call - 14 December @ 10.00am

Training Call (Content that Connects) - 19 December @ 10.30am 

Blog Writing Co-Working Session - 4 December @ 10am - 2pm

January 2019

Mastermind Call - 16 January @ 1pm
Mastermind Call - 27 January @ 7pm

Content Creation Co-Working Session - 7 January @ 7pm - 10pm

Blog Writing Co-Working Session - 4 January @ 2pm - 6pm

February 2019

Mastermind Call - 4 February @ 8pm
Mastermind Call - 15 February @ 1pm

Content Creation Co-Working Session - 1 February @ 7pm - 10pm

Blog Writing Co-Working Session - 6 February @ 10am - 2pm

March 2019

Mastermind Call - 15 March @ 1pm
Mastermind Call - 30 March @ 7pm

Content Creation Co-Working Session - 12 March @ 7pm - 10pm

Blog Writing Co-Working Session - 4 March @ 10am - 2pm

Min Giannini
Min Giannini
Visibility Mentor & Business Coach

I believe in living life to the absolute full. I don’t believe in letting the whole thing roll over me. There is no way that I am getting to the end of this ride with anything less than a story worth telling ….I don’t think you should either.

I am blessed to work with some amazing clients. Together we overcome blocks that stop them moving forward in their lives and their business. Together we get them visible online and growing their own community of followers.

I sometimes kick their arses and ALWAYS hold them accountable to do the work they NEED to do.

I say it as I see it – ALWAYS.
So my promise to you is to deliver…the stuff you need to walk YOUR own truth…to have a success mindset…to overcome every resistance as it comes up so those BIG DREAMS can be reached instead of remaining pictures at the back of your mind…

You can reach me any time at

Course Curriculum

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Money Tracking Using Progress Art
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Facebook Groups and How To Leverage Them
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Refunds and Cancellations
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Content That Connects
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